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Just in case you think you're special...

We've learned that while clients may have the basic buying and selling of properties in common, each is unique with different styles and different needs.  So far we've been able to accomodate the various needs of our clients and gained high satisfaction scores.  That's really important to us because most of our business comes from referrals.

For example, we've learned that...

1.  CLIENTS LIKE TO MEET IN A COMFORTABLE SETTING - Okay, I'll admit it.  It isn't all bad having an office that overlooks the Suffield Country Club golf course and it is kind of nice to have stuffed chairs, toys for kids and a ready coffee meeting at the office is a pleasant experience for everyone.  I'm pretty sure you'll like it, too.  Or, we can meet at your house...whatever works best for you.

2.  COMMUNICATION STYLES VARY - How do you best like to communicate?  Some people prefer phone calls, but a good number like email so they can choose when to think about real estate.  Others like email because they can check in from work without disrupting their coworkers.  If you are more of a phone person, we'll work within the guidelines you give us..."only call my cell," "leave a message on my work voicemail," etc.  Depending on your schedule, we can talk anytime or can schedule "telephone appointments" to reconnect.

3.  INFORMATION NEEDS VARY (How Much, How Often & How We Deliver It)

Sellers - Some want to hear every detail after every showing while others just like to hear about offers.  We'll take our cues from you.  While we'll be sure to let you know right away if there's something that will improve the sale-ability of your home, if it just wasn't the right house for the potential buyers we'll also be clear that it simply wasn't a good fit (and you don't need to do anything). 

Buyers - Some clients like to get automated emails sent to them when a properties comes on the market that meets their search criteria.  Others like to check the Internet on their own, and still others would like a call from us after we've checked things out.  We'll ask what'll work best for you.

And some clients really like to get together - meeting face-to-face to discuss progress or options.  That works, too.  Most likely, you'll want a combination of communication support using different methods depending on the urgency and nature of the discussion.

4.  SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION...IN REAL ESTATE? (also known as "We know people who know people.") - We work off a database of 2000+ contacts from the area who are people we've supported in the past, some of whom we've know for 40+ years.  Each of these contacts know an average of 200 people which translates to 400,000 touches to help us find buyers (if you're selling) and homes that are a match (if you're buying).   

5.  AVAILABILITY TO SHOW - Real buyers will accommodate real sellers.  I know, sounds kind of crazy but you don't have to make your house available to be shown at a moment's notice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A serious buyer won't put you through that much turmoil the way a "casual looker" will.  It may mean you have fewer showings, but that's okay.  We'd prefer to show the house to people who are most likely to buy it, not just those who are curious or have lots of spare time.  Remember, ultimately only one buyer will actually purchase your home.

So, we'll ask you if there are times of day or days of the week that you'd like a break.  The first two weeks that your house hits the market, there's more pressure to be readily available but even then buyers can be flexible.  For some, afternoon naptime for little ones needs to be reserved.  For others, suppertime is tough during the week.  Thanks to technology, we can let Buyer's Agents know about preferred showing times.  And we can give you more advanced notice if there's a real conflict.

6.  TO STAGE OR NOT TO STAGE - While the basic ideas behind staging are great (clearing counters to make a kitchen look more spacious, making sure the home is extremely clean, etc.), sometimes the application becomes extreme.  We find buyers like to get a sense of the current home owner and sellers need to continue to feel reasonably comfortable living in their own home.  A sterile house can be difficult to relate to...and harder still to live in.  We'll talk with you about putting things away to make the rooms feel bigger and not cluttered, but it can still feel like your house.  In fact, buyers prefer to see that real people live here.

 7.  SO GUESS WHAT?  YOU REALLY ARE SPECIAL!  So the more you can tell us about yourself, your motivations and what you hope to accomplish, the better job we can do for you.  Remember, while this single transaction is certainly important, our goal is to do more business with you in the future ... with you personally should the need arise or for your family and friends because that's what a referral business is all about!


When you're ready to get together, let's talk about your home buying and/or selling needs.  Call the office (860-668-6549) or send me an e-mail (  We'll set-up a time to meet that is easy and convenient.

In the meantime, I hope you'll find the resources here on our website useful and helpful.  Enjoy!

- Robin and Roland, Dowd Realty Group, Inc.