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What to Pack and Where to Store It


Kitchen - You'll want to especially clear your kitchen counter tops and get the magnets off the refrigerator to give it a spacious, open feel.  It'll also feel bigger and more inviting.  However, leave things out that you use everyday.  > The Kitchen

Your Treasures - You can pack most of the little decorative things on shelves and especially windows.  And please promise to carefully pack away anything really special to you.  While the Buyers I bring through all have exceptionally well-behaved little ones, I've heard tales... 


Clothes - If we're going to be in a new season for a while, try to pack away clothes from other seasons so Buyers can see how large and spacious your closets are.  (This includes coat closets.)  Sometimes this is a good time to pack some furniture as well.  You'll want to make sure Buyers can walk through rooms easily.

Labeling Boxes - As your treasures find their way into storage, be sure to label each box giving an indication of contents and which room they came from.  That'll save you lots of time when you're in a "search and retrieval" mode.

Where Will It All Go? - Where can you put all your things?  If you find there are some things you can live without, I'll give you contacts who would love your donations (and a potential tax write-off for you).  For the rest, you can store it in a section of your basement or garage.  If you have a lot of stuff (in which case I expect you're moving to a bigger house), you may even want to rent a Pod or put it in rented storage.