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Showing Instructions 

While I certainly can (and will) work to minimize inconveniences for you, there are some inherent in putting your house on the market.  In addition to keeping it super clean and tidy...

Pets - You need to make arrangements for any pets who would normally be loose in the house.  While crating your pet can be used as a last resort, it is best if your pet leaves the house because  a) Some buyers are allergic to animals, b) Some bring small children with them, and c) pets, especially dogs, know it is unusual for strangers to come into your home when you're not there.  This brings out bizarre, unpredictable behavior in them and causes lots of stress.   

Broker/Agent Tour - Most Broker Tours in our area are held on Tuesdays during the day.  This is a convenient way to offer agents a quick tour of your house so they can offer firsthand accounts of how desirable it is to potential buyers.  For you, it means having it ready and being out of the house for a few hours.

Open House - In our area, most are held on a Sunday afternoon for a couple hours.  Again, you need to have your home ready - neat and clean - ideally with cookies in the oven (smell) and soft classical music playing.  Keep in mind though, while Open Houses can let more people know about what your home has to offer it will appeal most to "lookers" and curious neighbors.  The vast majority of Buyers prefer to schedule an appointment to see it so they can take their time and not be distracted by others walking through.  (Open Houses are great for helping your agent find new clients though.)

No-Shows - Sometimes even though an agent schedules a showing at your home, they never actually go inside.  This can happen for any number of different reasons but it is always frustrating.  The reasons can range from pulling in the driveway and having the buyer just not have a great feeling about the house to the buyer or agent getting sick and forgetting to cancel the showing.  Hard to find the silver lining in this one, but please be aware that it can happen.

No Feedback - We ask for feedback from each showing, but we don't always get it.  Sometimes the house just wasn't right for the buyers - maybe the layout didn't work or it was too close to the street.  When they are things you can't do anything about, it helps us better define the potential buyers for your house (and determine who is a less likely candidate), but we probably won't call you right away with that information. 

If there's something you can do to make the house more saleable and it is a consistent comment, we'll let you know right away.  For example, a house with a very purple daughter's bedroom didn't play well so the sellers painted it a neutral color.  When we get feedback, we'll work with you on it so we can discern what is important to do and which feedback is from someone who wouldn't want to buy the house anyway.

As important as feedback is to agents and sellers, some agents simply will not provide any.  They don't return phone calls or emails (unless their buyer wants to make an offer).  So we'll gather and share feedback when we have it and especially when there's a pattern, but please don't expect a follow-up call after every showing.

Closets - Just one more thing... please remember that buyers may look through your closets and kitchen cupboards to get a sense of how much space is there.  In addition to keeping them very clean and tidy, it is helpful to take out "extra" dishes and clothes so buyers can see just how spacious your storage is!

Strangers looking through Your Closets -